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From nothing comes everything

Bassmore Music Blog – August 2013

“From nothing comes everything.” ~ Dejan Stojanovic

Jazzschool Institute, Berkeley, CA

Jazzschool Institute, Berkeley, CA

Just down the hall from where I sit, one hears a blend of brassy floating melodies and the dull quarter note pulse of bass and drums seeping through the sound reinforced walls.  Imagine it like a prohibition era hideaway for today’s Bay Area jazz musicians, minus the cigarette smoke and gambling, where the next generation is building their chops and making connections that will produce the groups we will speak of in the coming 10-20 years.

This is the basement environment of the Jazzschool, Berkeley.  It is where an exciting Jazz conservatory is offering community programs and curriculum to earn a Bachelor Degree in Jazz Performance.

From this environment, Negative Press Project grew to become more than a pet project, and incorporates the musical experience of Ruthie Dineen , Andrew Lion, Rafa Postel, Tony Peebles and Chris Sullivan, as well as others who regularly find inspiration within its walls.

I bring this up because I’m making a new commitment to all of you- for those of you who are the musicians making the music scene a vibrant and growing community in the area, I want to share your story!!  For those of you who love and support me, or live music in general, but don’t have any more experience than 4th Grade Recorder instruction, I will offer you a glimpse into the creative process.

So, we all have to start somewhere, right? Bassmore Music is the new Home of Negative Press Project, AndrewLionMusic and On The Scene-SF/O.

In the meantime, if you haven’t already, go here to download your FREE copy of “Earthquakes and Landings” through the month of August.  Hit me back if you like what you hear, and share it with friends, loved-ones and pure strangers!


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• Ruthie Dineen - Piano & Keyboard
• Andrew Lion - Acoustic Bass
• Michael Mitchell - Drums
• Tony Peebles - Tenor Saxophone
• Rafa Postel - Trumpet and Flugelhorn
• Luis Salcedo - Guitar
• Chris Sullivan - Alto Saxophone

• Joel Berhman – Trumpet and Trombone
• Madison Bohrer - Tenor Saxophone
• Bryan Bowman – Drums
• Matthew Charles Heulitt - Electric Guitar
• Nick de Ryss - Drums
• Alex Doty - Electric Guitar
• Steve Kirk - Electric Guitar
• JJ Kirkpatrick - Trumpet
• Adam Landfair - Tenor Saxophone
• Jason Lewis - Drums
• Gawain Mathews - Electric Guitar
• Rick Munoz - Drums
• Adam Shulman - Piano & Rhodes
• Maxime Stinnett - Bass Clarinet & Tenor Saxophone
• Dillon Vado - Drums

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