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Montana de la Arana
Montaña de la Araña

Bassmore Music Blog – September 2013

The artist is a receptacle for emotions that come from all over the place: from the sky, from the earth, from a scrap of paper, from a passing shape, from a spider’s web.” ~Pablo Picasso

An example of negative space painting.

Picasso Spider Painting by Jane Halliwell Green. An example of negative space painting.

There is a resiliency to the spider that may be worthwhile learning from.  They are creatures that can withstand virtually any climate (with the possible exception of Antarctica).  From the view on my own deck at the townhouse I rent, there are small, but perfect examples of webs between the slats of the railing.  It is clever positioning, as the wind can blow any number of unsuspecting meals through either side.

However, I periodically evict the spiders from their perch at the straw end of a broom.  That is where it gets interesting to me.  In the course of a single evening, as the glow from stringed lights illuminates the area, it invariably reveals at least several new symmetrical webs within hours.

When life events shake up a once comfortable situation or takes away the fruits of one’s labor, we can rebuild, reinvent, and regenerate.

Montaña de la Araña was recorded live on Negative Press Project‘s debut performance.  It is a piece that evokes a place to me (I sometimes kid that I live on spider mountain), but it also takes me to the trails I hike in the foothills and mountains.  It is on those paths that I receive inspiration to take action.  That is how Negative Press Project came into being, but that is a story for another time.

What now? Go here to download your FREE copy of “Montaña de la Araña” through the month of September.  Hit me back if you like what you hear, and share it with friends, loved-ones, and arachnid enthusiasts!

Montaña de la araña-Negative Press Project Live @ Avonova
Ruthie Dineen – Piano
Andrew Lion – Bass
Dillon Vado – Drums
Madison Bohrer – Tenor Sax
Chris Sullivan – Alto Sax
Joel Behrman – Trumpet
Matthew Charles Heulitt – Guitar

You can also download from Soundcloud below, but do us a favor in exchange, would you?  Go to the Negative Press Project Facebook Fanpage to “Like”.  Pass it on.

Bassmore Music is the Home of Negative Press Project, AndrewLionMusic and On The Scene-SF/O.

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• Ruthie Dineen - Piano & Keyboard
• Andrew Lion - Acoustic Bass
• Michael Mitchell - Drums
• Tony Peebles - Tenor Saxophone
• Rafa Postel - Trumpet and Flugelhorn
• Luis Salcedo - Guitar
• Chris Sullivan - Alto Saxophone

• Joel Berhman – Trumpet and Trombone
• Madison Bohrer - Tenor Saxophone
• Bryan Bowman – Drums
• Matthew Charles Heulitt - Electric Guitar
• Nick de Ryss - Drums
• Alex Doty - Electric Guitar
• Steve Kirk - Electric Guitar
• JJ Kirkpatrick - Trumpet
• Adam Landfair - Tenor Saxophone
• Jason Lewis - Drums
• Gawain Mathews - Electric Guitar
• Rick Munoz - Drums
• Adam Shulman - Piano & Rhodes
• Maxime Stinnett - Bass Clarinet & Tenor Saxophone
• Dillon Vado - Drums

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