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Montaña de la Araña
Montaña de la Araña

Bassmore Music Blog – September 2013 “The artist is a receptacle for emotions that come from all over the place: from the sky, from the earth, from a scrap of paper, from a passing shape, from a spider’s web.” ~Pablo Picasso There is a resiliency to the spider that may be worthwhile learning from.  They […]

From nothing comes everything
From nothing comes everything

Bassmore Music Blog – August 2013 “From nothing comes everything.” ~ Dejan Stojanovic Just down the hall from where I sit, one hears a blend of brassy floating melodies and the dull quarter note pulse of bass and drums seeping through the sound reinforced walls.  Imagine it like a prohibition era hideaway for today’s Bay […]


• Ruthie Dineen - Piano & Keyboard
• Andrew Lion - Acoustic Bass
• Michael Mitchell - Drums
• Tony Peebles - Tenor Saxophone
• Rafa Postel - Trumpet and Flugelhorn
• Luis Salcedo - Guitar
• Chris Sullivan - Alto Saxophone

• Joel Berhman – Trumpet and Trombone
• Madison Bohrer - Tenor Saxophone
• Bryan Bowman – Drums
• Matthew Charles Heulitt - Electric Guitar
• Nick de Ryss - Drums
• Alex Doty - Electric Guitar
• Steve Kirk - Electric Guitar
• JJ Kirkpatrick - Trumpet
• Adam Landfair - Tenor Saxophone
• Jason Lewis - Drums
• Gawain Mathews - Electric Guitar
• Rick Munoz - Drums
• Adam Shulman - Piano & Rhodes
• Maxime Stinnett - Bass Clarinet & Tenor Saxophone
• Dillon Vado - Drums

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